Who We Are

Historical Winemakers in Val Menocchia
We are a family of long-time experienced winemakers in Val Menocchia, where the marriage of vines and soil has lasted for centuries.

Our Philosophy

Throught Wine We Describe Ourselves
Wine is the love story of the land, the vine and the man.
Through our wines we describe ourselves, our origins, the values we preserve and we follow every day.

Our Wines

Elegance, expressiveness, light extraction, roundness and dynamism in the mouth. These are the characteristics we seek and translate into our wines, thanks to vineyard quality and small parcel winemaking, which allow for a better understanding of the wine’s journey.

Slow Wine 2018

Tre Bicchieri 2018

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C.da Vallerosa 25, 63063 Carassai (Ap)  Marche, Italia

+39 338 3928439


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